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Exchange Rate Transparency

Embrace the Only Fair Exchange Rate: The Mid-Market Rate

Swap  rates don’t need to be confusing. There’s only one rate that genuinely matters—the mid-market rate.

How is the Exchange
Rate Determined?

Ever wondered how many dollars equal a euro or how many euros equal a yen? The exchange rate holds the answers. But who determines this rate? Let’s find out.

The True Exchange Rate

Generally, bankers are willing to buy a currency at a specific price and sell it at another. The mid-market rate represents the midpoint between these prices.

Stay current with our rate tracker, which provides the current interbank exchange rate and its fluctuations over the past 30 days. You can even receive daily rate updates or be notified through our rate alerts when it reaches a specific value.

The Fixed "Day Rate"

Many providers apply a hidden margin on top of the mid-market rate without transparency. Consequently, you need to be aware of how much they overcharge you.

Avoid Excessive Markups

Banks and money transfer services typically employ the mid-market rate for their transactions, but they frequently apply a markup to the rate when dealing with customers, with the intention of maximizing their profits.

Be Wary of Markups

Be cautious when a service claims a 0% fee or no commission. Hidden costs may be camouflaged within their exchange rate.


We Have Nothing to Hide


At Simplispend, transparency is our top priority. You can be confident that we conduct our operations with honesty and openness, guaranteeing that you receive the most equitable exchange rate available.

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