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What is a SWIFT/BIC code?

Send and receive money in 180+ countries with no hidden fees. Plus, transfers are always instant and free between Simplisend friends, no matter where they are. A SWIFT/BIC code consists of 8-11 characters and follows a format that identifies your bank, country, location, and branch.


Bank code (4 letters)

The first four letters represent the bank and usually look like an
abbreviated version of the bank name.

Country Code (2 letters)

These two letters indicate the country where the bank is located.

Location code (2 letters or numbers)

These two characters designate the location of the bank’s main

Branch Code (3 letters)

These 3 digits identify a specific branch. ‘XXX’ is used for a bank’s
head office.

Validate SWIFT Code

To validate, type the SWIFT Code in the specified field above.
Make sure that the SWIFT Code follows the proper format.
The length is 8 or 11 characters without dashes or spaces.

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