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Request Money

Request Money from

Send and request money from your family, friends and acquaintances.

Request Money With a tap from anyone, anywhere

Request money from friends and family around the world. Whether you’re sending or receiving international payments, you’re always getting the best rates at Simplisend

Our Benefits

Open a free account

Opening and managing and account is free, forever

Send like a local

Your account works exacly like it would if you were home

No hidden fees

We are open and honest, We don’t charge fees if we don’t state it.

Receive from anyone

Anyone can pay you in your local currency with your local account.


Request for Money In A Minutes


Select Request money

Click on the request money service in the app to create a request money or payment link.

Select the Recipient Details

Fill in the necessary recipient detail to request money from. Access your contact list directly on the app.

Enter Request Amount

Input an amount to request from your friend and select a currency to allow them pay you in their local currency.

Send Request Link

Confirm your request money details to be sure you have everything covered one last time. Share payment link with your recipient once done.

Share your request link

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