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Safe and secure online money transfers

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Ensure the safety of your finances and transactions using our top-notch technology and card protections

Stay safe with our anti-fraud system

Your money is safeguarded by licensed banks

Our organization places paramount importance on ensuring the security and protection of our clients’ financial information. We employ advanced security measures such as safeguarding card details, monitoring for suspicious transactions, and implementing an additional layer of authentication to prevent fraud. Our card offerings are also equipped with state-of-the-art 3D Secure technology, and we have implemented contactless card limits to further enhance our anti-fraud efforts.

Stay in line with company policies

Set and change team permissions with a tap

Our platform offers a robust administrative feature that allows for effective management of team financial activities. This includes the ability to set custom roles, assign authorization levels, and define the specific apps and features that team members have access to. This enables organizations to maintain oversight and control over financial operations, ensuring compliance with internal policies and regulations

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