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Send Airtime Top Up

Send a mobile top up anywhere, anytime

Quickest and easy way to recharge your loved ones mobile phone overseas, with recharges arriving in less than 3 seconds.

Type a country / dialing code

Choose the correct operator

You’re sending top-up to

Select plan to continue

Whether you call it mobile recharge, airtime topup, credit, we got it. We help you stay connected to your loved ones overseas by delivering mobile recharges in record time

How it works?

How does it work? Like charm!

Running low on credit?

Create your top-up link, then share it with your friends

Asking made easy

The link you’re sharing already includes your number and network

Fast, safe and personal

They select an amount and pay. Youreceive the top-up for your phone in seconds

Request top-up from your friends, wherever they are!

1. Enter the number to top-up

2. Choose amount to text

3. Pay using one of 12 supported payment methods

4. Top up received instantly

Supported payment methods


Stay connected with your loved ones

Simplisend offers mobile top-up services as an easy way to stay connected with your loved ones back home. Recharge mobile phones from more than 270+ carries accross 100+ countries
Give your loved ones the joy of unlimited calling, surfing the web, sending messages and all of the options provided by their local carriers!

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