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Swift/BIC Code

Your Easy Guide to SWIFT & BIC Codes

Are you planning to send money to an international bank account? We’ve got you covered. Find everything you need to locate the correct SWIFT/BIC code for international bank transfers. Whether you’re searching by bank or country, our comprehensive tool will assist you in finding the appropriate branch code. Already have a code? Utilize our checker tool to verify its accuracy.

Swift/BIC Code


Everything you need to find the right SWIFT/BIC code for your transfer. Search by bank or country to find the right branch code. Or, if you already have a code, you can use our checker tool to make sure it’s correct.

Understanding SWIFT/BIC Codes

Send and receive money across 180+ countries with zero hidden fees. Enjoy instant and free transfers between Simplisend friends, regardless of their location. A SWIFT/BIC code is a unique sequence of 8-11 characters that identifies your bank, country, location, and branch.

Critical Components of a SWIFT/BIC Code:

Bank Code (4 Letters):

The bank is depicted by the first four letters, which are often a shortened form of the bank’s name.

Country's Code (Two-letter ):

These two letters stand for the nation in which the bank is situated.

Location Code (2 Letters or Numbers):

These characters specify the bank’s central office location.

Branch Code (3 Letters):

These three digits identify a specific branch location. ‘XXX’ denotes or depicts a bank’s branch/head office.

Verify Your SWIFT Code

To ensure the accuracy of the SWIFT Code, enter it in the designated field above. Ensure it follows the correct format, consisting of 8 or 11 characters without dashes or spaces.

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